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Ivanti Speakeasy

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Ivanti Speakeasy Features

With Ivanti® Speakeasy, powered by Wavelink, companies around the globe are realizing the benefits of full-featured voice enablement that can be deployed in just a few weeks, at a fraction of the cost of traditional voice applications. Best of all, you can get started using your systems and mobility solutions already in place, or add voice as you refresh your mobile devices—including those running the Android operating system.

Adding Voice is Easy

Many businesses must cope with limited IT budgets, making extended project timelines a deal breaker. Ivanti designed Speakeasy, in conjunction with our mobile applications, for simple implementation. Speakeasy is a 100-percent clientside solution that can be deployed in as little as 30 days!

Voice-enable Your Existing Devices or New Android Options

Are your warehouse workers carrying Windows Mobile or Windows CE mobile computers? You can add voice to your existing Terminal Emulation, Industrial Browser, and VelocityCE implementation. Or, if you’re considering a hardware refresh, deploy on our Velocity platform for the latest Android devices.

Keep Your Existing Host System Intact

Unlike traditional voice applications, Speakeasy voiceentered data is received by your host applications via the same data stream as any data your workers enter via barcode scan or key entry. Because all the voice processing is handled within the mobile device, there’s no need to modify your existing host applications or add middleware

Boost Worker Productivity and Accuracy

Virtually all enterprise mobile deployments are expected to maximize worker productivity and order accuracy. With Speakeasy, customers report productivity gains of 50 percent or more, and accuracy achievements worthy of Lean Six Sigma certification.

Deploy Voice for Picking and More

If you’ve looked at traditional voice apps, you may have struggled to justify voice in tasks beyond picking. Speakeasy is helping businesses extend voice, and its productivity benefits, to all sorts of warehouse tasks—from receiving and cycle counting to truck loading and put-away.

Help Workers Get Started Right Away

The days of training a voice application to recognize a specific worker are over. Make it easy for your workers to pick up any of your voice-enabled devices and begin working. The grammar files within Speakeasy enable any worker to speak the commands or data into whichever device they’re carrying.

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