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Ivanti Terminal Emulation.

Ivanti Terminal Emulation

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Ivanti Terminal Emulation Features

More businesses run Ivanti Terminal Emulation™ on mobile devices than any other telnet client. That’s because our industry-standard emulation client offers you a comprehensive, proven platform to connect mobile workers with host systems. With Ivanti Terminal Emulation, powered by Wavelink, your mobile deployment is not only stable today, but able to run with the latest technology enhancements that can further increase mobile productivity.

Built for the Life of Your Mobile Deployment

Rugged mobile computers are a valuable productivity tool for your workforce, designed to endure harsh environments. The lifecycle of a deployment can be five, seven, or even 10 years or more. Ivanti Terminal Emulation has been, and continues to be available and enhanced for the Windows Mobile and Windows CE operating systems, enabling you to transition on your terms.

Connect to Existing Host Systems

Ivanti Terminal Emulation extends your WMS, ERP, or other host system easily to your mobile workers. Our Terminal Emulation client is the only telnet client that connects to all leading supply chain management systems.

Fully Leverage Mobile Device Technology

Our close collaboration with device manufacturers means you gain a telnet client that supports virtually all data input types—from keyboards and barcode scanners to RFID and voice.

Use Your Preferred Emulation Type

Whether your system uses 5250, 3270, VT100/110, or VT220/320, Ivanti Terminal Emulation has you covered. You can even run a mix of sessions simultaneously.

Voice-Enable Your Mobile Deployment

Boost worker productivity even more by providing them with text-to-speech and speech-to-text voice enablement. Ivanti Speakeasy integrates easily with Ivanti Terminal Emulation on recent-generation Windows Mobile and Windows CE devices that offer speaker/microphone support.

Support Worker Multi-Tasking

Mobile workers handle a number of tasks—often at the same time. With multi-session support, they can toggle between various emulation types running concurrent sessions for flexible multitasking.

Foster Uninterrupted Productivity

Productivity can happen outside of Wi-Fi coverage. With Ivanti Terminal Emulation, your workers can go where the task takes them, thanks to our Session Persistence Server. The Session Persistence Server reconnects workers to the host seamlessly while maintaining the TE application state—even through a device reboot or battery change.

Improve Accuracy and Optimize Workflows

Ivanti Terminal Emulation offers powerful scripting that makes it easy to simplify application workflows. Our easy-touse script editor lets you debug scripts and automate common functions, reducing errors

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