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Ivanti Velocity

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Ivanti Velocity Features

Easily Migrate and Modernize

Velocity is designed to make it easy to migrate telnet and browser-based applications. Our Rapid platform simplifies the process, so you can start deploying new devices quickly.

Preserve Existing Enterprise Systems

Velocity interfaces with your existing host and web-based applications. Add mobility without making changes to your WMS, ERP, or other enterprise applications, extending the life and value of those powerful business systems.

Deploy Across Devices and OS’s

Modernize once, deploy to many. With Velocity, your modernized apps are able to be deployed across different devices, optimizing to fit different device screens and keyboard configurations. Running Windows 10 on a forklift-mounted tablet? No problem! The same modernized apps will run across Android and Windows 10 operating systems.

Run Multiple Sessions

Just like our Terminal Emulation, Naurtech CETerm and Industrial Browser products, launch additional sessions in Velocity with a single tap. Workers multitask, and so can your mobile app!

Device-tailored Clients

Velocity is designed for the specialized technologies embedded in many leading mobile computers, which means your mobile application takes full advantage of the features in your preferred mobile device.

Voice-Enable Your Apps

Add text-to-speech and speech-to-text to your Velocity apps for the ultimate in worker productivity. Voice lets workers interact with your apps while keeping their hands free to pick product—and their eyes focused on navigating safely the environment around them. More than 30 languages are supported for your global supply chain deployments.

Minimize Risk in Your Mobile Migration

Deploy the latest devices securely in retail and supply chain operations. Velocity makes it easy for you to hit your time and budget milestones in your next-generation mobile deployment. Plus, you could save millions of dollars in development costs by using applications you already have.

Pick Faster and Deliver Better

Automation and scripting in Velocity eliminate redundant steps, so workers complete tasks faster. The modernized user interface and configurable options for keyed-entry and data capture control, improve data accuracy. Give your workers to tools to fulfill more, accurate orders in the warehouse and on the retail floor

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