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Loftware Label Manager.

Loftware Label Manager

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Loftware Label Manager Features

Manufacturers, distributors and retailers face the growing demand to integrate tightly with other members of their supply chains. Key to that integration is knowing where products are as they move from the shop floor to the checkout counter. To achieve these efficiencies, they must make it possible to track products and/or component with bar code labels and/or RFID tags.

The Loftware Label Manager (LLM(tm)) is a label design and printing package that facilitates customer and internal labeling mandates. With the LLM, companies can create any type of bar code and/or RFID 'Smart' label. Low volume printing can be achieved with one of our 'stand alone' printing modules that are included with the LLM.

Labels created with the LLM can also be used with the Loftware Print Server (LPS) for more sophisticated systems requiring large-scale
printing and/or WMS/ERP integration.

Note: RFID 'Smart Label' designs can only be printed using the 'Premier Plus RFID' version of Loftware. The label designer comes standard with all LPS products.

Loftware Label Manager Specifications

Ease of Use, Right Out of the Box

  • Customizable WYSIWYG, drag-and-drop interface
  • Practical wizards and templates for configuration, design and printing
  • Multi-document interface for editing and viewing more than one label at a time
  • Thumbnail and print preview modes that include actual data
  • Batch/Range and On-Demand printing from manual entry or database output

Design Flexibility

  • Text, paragraph, bar code, line/box, RFID and graphics fields
  • Move, copy, edit, multilevel undo and custom/selectable zoom functions
  • Rulers and grids for design accuracy
  • Alignment tools
  • Variable data fields in paragraph blockst different printers

Virtually Unlimited Label Contents

  • Bar code symbologies: TLC39, PDF-417, MicroPDF, UPS MaxiCode, DataMatrix, PostNet, RSS, Code 39, Code 128, Interleaved Code 2/5, UPC, EAN and many more
  • Imported formats: Zebra ZPL, Intermec IPL and Monarch MPCL
  • Image formats: BMP, PCX, JPG, GIF, TIF, CAL and MAC
  • Downloaded and bitmapped True Type fonts
  • Multiple languages – including Chinese and other multibyte languages – on the same label

Industry and Government Compliance

Templates and wizards streamline output of compliant labels for:

  • Supply Chain: UCC/EAN, EPC
  • Retail: Wal-Mart, Target and JC Penney
  • Electronics: Motorola
  • Telecommunications: TCIF
  • Aerospace: Spec 2000
  • Logistics: UPS, FedEx
  • Automotive: AIAG, Toyota, Honda and GM 1724A/B/C

Powerful Data Management

  • Support for ASCII files and ODBC databases
  • Formula builder for real-time data parsing and mathematical operations
  • SQL Assistant for one-off and saved queries that include where statements and sorting criteria
  • Variable graphics file retrieval allowing pictorial content
  • Database speed search with filtering capabilities
  • On-the-fly calculation of special bar code check digits

Printer Support

  • Citrix and Windows Terminal Server support
  • Direct, native control of up to four thermal transfer and Windows printers; additional printers supported as part of LPS configurations
  • Local (serial, parallel, USB), LAN/WAN (TCP/IP) and wireless connectivity
  • Output of cutter, head temperature, print speed, forms offset, stock type and other printer control information
  • Support for printers’ internal fonts, bar code and serialization capabilities
  • Loftware Print Module for stand-alone print-only stations


  • Centralized sharing of labels, databases and graphic files by print stations
  • Audit files
  • Label version histories
  • Security features for access control System Requirements
  • Windows XP, 2000, 2003
  • Pentium III, 300 or higher
  • 64 MB RAM or higher


Getting Started