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Loftware Print Server

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Loftware Print Server Features

The Loftware Print Server (LPS) is an enterprise level solution for corporations that have significant product marking requirements for both bar code and RFID 'smart' labels. It utilizes advanced technology that is designed to act as a middleware component that sits between medium to large-scale business systems and marking devices such as barcode and RFID label printers.

The LPS forms the basis of Loftware's 'Server-Centric' approach to marking systems. Server-Centric means that all product marking in an area, building, or enterprise is controlled from a centralized server on the network. The highly scalable and fault tolerant system architecture is designed to handle thousands of requests targeted to hundreds of printers simultaneously with all of the appropriate queuing, status, and recovery features.

The LPS is an extremely useful tool for printing labels and RFID tags from your ERP/MRP and/or WMS systems, regardless of the platform on which they reside. Host applications running on operating systems, such as UNIX, AS/400, HPUX, Linux, etc., can request labels through the various LPS interfaces. Your application offloads all barcode label and RFID tagging to the LPS, which translates your request into device specific code before sending it to the printers. Application programmers no longer have to write and maintain device specific code every time a labeling requirement changes.

Loftware Print Server Specifications


LPS encourages accuracy and efficiency by supporting a high level of integration:

• High speed, Bi-directional TCP/IP socket (Premier only)

• Easy to use Uni-directional TCP/IP socket (Premier only)

• ASCII file passed to LPS via a Network File Drop

• .NET and ActiveX programming Controls

• Loftware Connector (sold separately) (Premier only)

• Internet Integration Tools

• On-Demand-Print Thin Client


Companies can adhere to latest standards from the government and many industry sources:

• Supply Chain: UCC/EAN, EPC

• Retail: Wal-Mart, Target, JC Penney, Sears, etc.

• Electronics: Motorola

• Telecommunications: TCIF

• Healthcare: CFR 21 Part 11

• Aerospace: Spec 2000

• Logistics: UPS, FedEx

• Automotive: AIAG, Toyota, Honda, GM 1724A/B/C

• DoD


Advanced administration tools enable organizations to centralize operations for more control and lower maintenance costs. These tools are included with the Premier edition of the LPS.

• E-Mail Alerts

• Status Client for monitoring the LPS and it’s associated printers

• Label/RFID Design Module

• Citrix Metaframe and Terminal Server Support for remote administration.

• Command line ‘Ping’ utilities for system troubleshooting.

• Add and Change Labels without effecting Host Application

Reliability and Performance

Built to meet the heavy demands of supply chain production environments, LPS delivers 24×7 availably thanks to:

• Multi-processor support with load balancing between processors.

• Fault tolerant (failover) support for multi-server clustering (Premier)

• Advanced Service Architecture

• Error recovery and event logging

• Full Audit Trail for archiving label requests

• 10+ years of development and testing for current code base

• Over 500 LPS installations worldwide

Label Design

The Loftware Label Manager (LLM) comes standard with every copy of the LPS. Industry Compliant bar code labels and RFID tags can be designed very easily. See the LLM data sheet for complete information on label design capabilities.

Minimum System Requirements

• Windows 2000/XP/2003: P3 450MHz with 128MB

Tech Support

Loftware’s outstanding customer support ensures productivity with:

• Experienced Technicians

• Downloadable updates and service packs

• Extensive print and on-line documentation

• Discounted professional services


Getting Started