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LXE VX6 Vehicle Mounted Voice Computer.

LXE VX6 Vehicle Mounted Voice Computer

LXE VX6 Vehicle Mounted Voice Computer Features

  • Voice enabled with ToughTalk™ technology.
  • Rugged vehicle mount computer with Windows® CE .NET OS - reduces application development & IT support costs.
  • Fully heated - ideal for freezer/cold weather applications.
  • Low profile with integrated keyboard improves driver’s field of view.

The VX6 comprises an XScale® processor and Windows® CE .NET operating system offering CE .NET applications on both your handheld and vehicle-mounted computers while greatly reducing operator training time & support costs. The VX6 ships voice ready with ToughTalkTM technology, a specialized combination of LXE's trademark rugged system design, advanced audio circuitry and noisecanceling techniques - for industrial grade, voice logistics applications.

LXE VX6 Vehicle Mounted Voice Computer Specifications


Processing & Memory

• Intel® XScale® PXA255 400MHz CPU

• CF/SD 128/512 MB

System Software

• Windows® CE 5.0 Professional

• Windows® CE .NET 4.2


Integrated Keyboard

• LXE rugged 60-key keyboard Features include: 101 key access, backlight, epoxy coating, IP66 seal and terminal emulation specifi coverlays

Display & Touchscreen

• 10.5” TFT active matrix colour indoor & outdoor displays with resistive touch screen and tethered stylus SVGA+ = 800 x 320 pixels 550 NIT Brightness (Outdoor Display) 350 NIT Brightness (Indoor Display)

• Front panel brightness adjust

• Optional touch screen heater removes fog or frost from the viewing area

Power Supply & UPS

• 12-80VDC internal fully isolated power supply with power cable for vehicle attachment

• Externally accessible fuse

• Front panel power switch with power status dual colour LED

• Optional UPS lead acid backup battery pack capable of a minimum 15 minutes operation


• Black high strength, high temp industrial plastic with an aluminummounting plate

• Size: 24.4cm x 30.9cm x 9.1cm

• Weight: 4.26kg


Getting Started

User’s Guides and Manuals