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Mobile ComputersAdmin2024-05-11T01:01:30+10:00

Check out our cutting-edge mobile computers collection

Gamma Solutions is proud to stock Australia’s most advanced mobile computers range. With huge name brands like Datalogic, Handheld, Honeywell and Zebra Technologies part of our collection, and a dedication to sourcing highly durable products from these labels, you can trust they will increase your work capacity.

We have specially sourced a collection that is designed to help you and your team get more work done in less time, using the highest quality technology to service the retail, healthcare, field service, logistics and warehousing industries.

Furthermore, our collection comes in a wide range of sizes, shapes and capabilities, making them perfect for on-the-go work where reliability is the number one priority.

Therefore, regardless of whether you need a large display for mobile reading and processing, or just a small scanner that can easily be taken around the workplace, Gamma Solutions has everything you need right here at our online store.

You choose your product’s capacity

Mobile computers come in a wide range of configurations, allowing companies to use the application for their specific needs. So, regardless of whether you need a heavy duty mobile computer that can withstand gnarly temperatures and potential accidents, as well as something you can still do everything you need to get done with the highest efficiency then our handheld computer range is perfect for you.

The Gamma Solutions team, as long time partners of Australian industries, understands the need for subtle differences in handheld computer technology, and this is why we source a diverse range from the world’s biggest manufacturers, for the very reason that you can trust them to get the job done no matter what the capability!

Want to find out more from our team?

The Gamma Solutions experts are always on hand to provide Australia’s retail, warehousing, hospitality, healthcare industries and more with the highest service standard, and this means helping them find exactly what they need to get their job done with ease and efficiency.

So, if you have any inquiries regarding our mobile computer range, including brand specifications and capabilities, please feel free to get in contact with our friendly team of staff.

Send us an inquiry message via our contact page and we will get back to you with all the information you require to make the right decision for your company’s mobile computing needs.

FAQs about Mobile Computers

What is a mobile computer?Admin2024-05-11T00:57:47+10:00

A mobile computer, also known as a handheld computer or portable computing device, is a compact device designed for on-the-go computing tasks. It typically combines the functionality of a computer with features such as a touchscreen, barcode scanner, RFID reader, and wireless connectivity.

What are the common uses of mobile computers?Admin2024-05-11T00:58:12+10:00

Mobile computers are used in various industries for tasks such as inventory management, asset tracking, field service management, order processing, retail point-of-sale (POS), healthcare data collection, and transportation and logistics management.

How do mobile computers differ from traditional computers?Admin2024-05-11T00:58:33+10:00

Unlike traditional desktop or laptop computers, mobile computers are designed for portability and ruggedness. They often feature built-in barcode scanners or RFID readers and are optimized for use in challenging environments such as warehouses, distribution centers, and field operations.

What types of mobile computers are available?Admin2024-05-11T00:58:59+10:00

There are several types of mobile computers, including handheld computers, wearable computers, tablet computers, and vehicle-mounted computers. Each type is suited for specific applications and usage scenarios.

What are the key features to consider when choosing a mobile computer?Admin2024-05-11T00:59:21+10:00

Important features to consider include the operating system (e.g., Android, Windows), processing power, memory and storage capacity, screen size and resolution, battery life, ruggedness (IP rating), connectivity options (Wi-Fi, cellular), and integrated peripherals (barcode scanner, RFID reader).

Can mobile computers integrate with other systems or software?Admin2024-05-11T00:59:43+10:00

Yes, mobile computers can integrate with a variety of systems and software, including enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, customer relationship management (CRM) software, inventory management systems, and custom applications, to streamline data capture and workflow processes.

Can mobile computers support custom applications?Admin2024-05-11T01:00:08+10:00

Yes, many mobile computers support the development and deployment of custom applications tailored to specific business needs. Development tools and software development kits (SDKs) are available to facilitate the creation of custom software solutions.

Are mobile computers suitable for use in rugged environments?Admin2024-05-11T01:00:29+10:00

Yes, many mobile computers are designed to withstand harsh conditions such as extreme temperatures, dust, moisture, and drops. They often feature ruggedized construction, sealed housings, and protective features to ensure reliable operation in challenging environments.