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Motorola FR6000 Enterprise Mobile Computer.

Motorola FR6000 Enterprise Mobile Computer

Motorola FR6000 Enterprise Mobile Computer Features

Highly customizable, modular and flexible hand-held terminal

Today’s mobile workforce requires a converged, well-styled, compact and ergonomic device. The Motorola FR6000 exceeds these needs and is built for such demanding conditions as warehouses, distribution centers and manufacturing plants. Impact testing across the operating temperature range has been carried out to ensure the Motorola FR6000 performs reliably despite inevitable everyday drops.  The Motorola FR6000 raises the bar for value, with a rugged, compact form factor and low total cost of ownership. The device also features simultaneous voice, data and GPS . This powerhouse packs an unprecedented number of enterprise class features. Users are equipped  with a 3.5G world cell phone, an integrated GPS with superior sensitivity and tracking capabilities, 1D barcode scanner, 3.5G wireless WAN (WWAN), wireless LAN (WLAN), wireless PAN (WPAN) and IrDA connectivity.  Featuring Microsoft Windows Mobile® 6.1 Professional and 3.5G connectivity, the Motorola FR6000 has the capability to manage data, voice, video and auto-id capture, making it an ideal partner for mission critical business applications.  Designed to grow as your business grows, the Motorola FR6000 incorporates a user-accessible microSD slot and compact flash (CF) support. MicroSD provides for storage expansion while the CF interface creates access to third party accessories. These features make the Motorola FR6000 highly customizable, modular and flexible to meet changing business needs while being versatile enough to be applicable to virtually all industries.

Perfect for “on-the-go employees”, the Motorola FR6000 excels in line-of-business applications for retail management, utility, warehousing, security and identification, government, track and trace, logistics, transportation or fleet management and public safety.  With the Motorola FR6000, your business continues running as your mobile workers are constantly connected and informed, regardless of whether they are inside or outside the four walls of your enterprise.

Standards based, convergence of critical mobile and Auto-ID technologies in a rugged form factor

Using the Motorola FR6000, deployments can be simplified, reducing complexity and service requirements. Built on industry standards, a diverse range of mobility solutions is also made possible. Incorporating the Marvell PXA312 624 MHz processor allows for high  performance, while enabling the Motorola FR6000 to provide a single platform for 3.5G voice and data services. Reducing deployment complexity lowers capital and operational costs while increasing performance productivity delivers strongly in terms of return on investment.  Running on the Microsoft Windows Mobile® 6.1 allows many ISV developed applications to be ported on to the Motorola FR6000, allowing enterprises choices for business applications.

Versatile and feature packed, designed to support a wide range of applications

The Motorola FR6000 has the converged capabilities of a mobile phone with GPS, laptop computer, barcode scanner and much more. GPS helps delivery workers locate destinations quickly, while sales personnel can demonstrate promotions and products with the video functionality. The onboard barcode scanner is ideal for stock-taking, warehouse receiving, pick-and-pack, shipping, distribution and customer service operations.  Dispatch drivers can also use the Motorola FR6000 to identify parcels and packages, providing real time status updates on deliveries.  When it comes to scanning, the Motorola FR6000 outperforms the competition in loud and busy conditions, such as those in manufacturing environments. A vibrate mode affirms and alerts operators to successful data captures.

OEM and system integration value add

The Motorola FR6000 onboard integrated feature set, combined with the modular and flexible compact flash interface, enables OEM and system integrators to offer new solutions to make your enterprise’s operations even more productive. This allows the Motorola FR6000 to be reconfigured, repurposed and redeployed as and when needed.

Tough, rugged, anywhere, anytime

The Motorola FR6000 is a converged, compact and ergonomic handheld computer that has been built to withstand tough operating conditions.  Internal WWAN, WLAN and WPAN radios ensure an aesthetically pleasing design whilst maintaining the integrity and ruggedness of the device. Industrial-grade connectors are employed to withstand regular connection of headset jacks and charging cables throughout every business day. The Motorola FR6000 keypad is rated to a minimum of a million key presses, the touch screen to a million taps and 300 thousand strokes, ensuring the Motorola FR6000 delivers dependable performance daily.

Featuring Microsoft Windows Mobile® 6.1 for enterprise needs

Built on Microsoft Windows Mobile® 6.1, the Motorola FR6000 offers considerable business advantages to enterprises. Microsoft Windows Mobile® 6.1 has been designed to support mobile applications and data access.  It features significant enhancements such as a comprehensive set of security policies, industry leading, government and industry approved security and encryption protocols, central device management, inventory and reporting; and an unrivaled platform for deploying and developing mobile applications.

Asian Language Localization

In addition to the standard English operating system, the Motorola FR6000 offers Microsoft Windows Mobile® 6.1 in Japanese, Korean, Simplified and Traditional Chinese. The Motorola FR6000 offers these four localized Asian language keypad interfaces for highly productive data entry.

The Motorola value proposition

When you choose the Motorola FR6000, you enjoy the advantages of a world-class partner ecosystem, management solutions and service offerings.  Our award-winning partner program offers a best-inclass, broad set of applications from our partner ecosystem.  The Motorola value proposition also includes a long product life cycle, protecting your investment and software application base.  To keep your business always-on and at optimum performance levels, Motorola offers Service from the Start with Comprehensive Coverage. Experience a new standard of service from the very first day of your hardware purchase.  While the Motorola FR6000 is a rugged device, accidents may happen - Service from the Start with Comprehensive Coverage extends beyond normal wear and tear repair coverage to include accidental breakage such as cracked plastics, broken screens and keypads.  Comprehensive Coverage is built right into your Service from the Start contract for the Motorola FR6000 — providing more service at a lower annualized price than a standard service contract. This enhanced level of coverage virtually eliminates surprise repair costs, helps to lower your total cost of ownership, protects your investment and productivity, and provides service peace of mind. However, the Motorola FR6000 is currently only available in Asia-Pacific until further notice.



Business-essential ruggedness

Withstands tough use in variety of environments.

Industry-leading drop test, IP54 sealing and integrated antennas

Lightweight yet rugged, with 1.2m (4 ft) 26 drops per MIL STD 810G. Built for year-round use in nearly any environment.

3.5G WWAN: HSDPA broadband support

High performance wireless broadband voice and data anywhere in the world

• Connection to most carriers worldwide

• Best in class cellular broadband throughput with up to 3 Mbps download

• Integrated voice and data services: allows workers to conduct a phone call while maintaining a data connection (where supported by carrier)

WLAN: 802.11 b/g

Reliable and cost-effective data connectivity within the enterprise.

WPAN: Bluetooth® v2.0

Wireless connectivity to modems, printers, headsets and more; provides improved security and additional profiles for expanded connectivity to more device types. In order for

Bluetooth devices to communicate with one another, they must utilize the same Bluetooth profile.

1D Laser Scanner (SE955)

Optimal for scan intensive operations. Vibrate alert mode ideal for noisy environment.

Diverse variety of applications

Large number of third party applications available on the Windows Mobile platform.

Powerful microprocessor designed for mobility:

Marvell PXA312 624 MHz desktop-like multimedia performance with lower power requirements.

Microsoft® operating system:

Windows Mobile® 6.1


Increased interoperability with existing enterprise infrastructure, enhanced security features, more flexible development platform; improved mobile messaging collaboration.

Industry standard for mobile management

Microsoft System Center Mobile Device Manager.

128MB RAM/256MB Flash

Generous memory space to enable robust performance for a wide range of applications.

Assisted GPS radio

Supports a wide range of value-add location-based services and applications.

QVGA color screen

Easy to view in any lighting; supports display of high resolution images including video and maps.

Motorola FR6000 Enterprise Mobile Computer Specifications


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Preliminary specifications


February, 2009


72 x 188 x 45.3 millimetres


345 grams (battery included)



Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional

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624 MHz


Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional

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128 MiB


256 MiB



color transflective TFT , 65536 scales


2.8 ”


240 x 320










GSM850, GSM900, GSM1800, GSM1900, UMTS2100 (B1)




64 -chord melody









Built-in special layout keyboard


5 -way


Not supported



microSD, microSDHC, TransFlash, SDIO


USB 2.0 client, 12Mbit/s


Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR


802.11b, 802.11g


115200bit/s (SIR/CIR)



Not supported


Not supported





Assisted GPS







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