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Psion Omnii XT10.

Psion Omnii XT10 Features

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

The Omnii™ XT10 can save you up to 30% on hardware costs over the lifetime of the product by reconfiguring based on the changing needs of your business, versus the costs of replacing your hardware. Compared to any other product on the market, Omnii™ offers you greater investment protection.

Adaptive By Design

Omnii™ XT10 delivers unrivalled adaptability: one device can be flexibly configured for a wide variety of applications, environments, and people. Because it’s built around open standards and a common platform, the Omnii™ XT10 can be enhanced through customisation with partners and collaborative innovation with customers.

Extreme Versatility & Field Flexibility

Omnii™ XT10 gives you a modular and flexible solution packaged in a versatile product platform. With dozens of options and expansion modules, Omnii™ XT10 supports over ten thousand final configurations.

Future-Proof Technology

With Omnii™ XT10, there’s no need for compromise: you can buy what you need today with built-in flexibility for tomorrow’s demands. The risk of obsolescence is significantly reduced.

Real-Time Productivity, Reliability, & Durability

Omnii™ XT10 enables you to automate key processes, improve task efficiencies, and access the right information. It is built with the Texas Instruments OMAP3® processor with a superscalar architecture that performs up to two times faster than the competition without sacrificing battery efficiency. Built to withstand tough environments, the IP65 rating resists water and dust and the rugged construction withstands drops from 2.0m (6.5’), the best in the industry.

Superior Battery Management

With the most powerful battery in its class (5000 mAh), the Omnii™ XT10 is paired with Psion Battery Grading & Management Tools to monitor battery health and eliminate the guesswork from managing batteries.

Keyboard Choices

With multiple field replaceable keyboard choices, the Omnii™ XT10 can be adapted to the needs of your workforce.

Introducing the all-new Omnii™ XT10

We understand that you need products that adapt and change to meet your business needs. The new Omnii™ platform delivers an adaptable and rugged handheld computing family. Devices built on the Omnii™ platform can be adapted for new

technologies or even re-purposed. Designed specifically for the ultra-tough demands of the supply chain & logistics market, the all-new Omnii™ XT10 was developed based on our decades of SCL leadership coupled with extensive feedback from users and customers. In fact, it is the most tested, validated, lab abused, customer proven, partner involved and rugged product we have ever built.

Discover adaptive ingenuity at work.

Adaptive Ingenuity At Work

At Psion, adaptive ingenuity defines what we do. We challenge convention, responding to your needs to create and build products that perform better now, and are ready to adapt as your business demands grow.

Our constant drive to think differently has resulted in Open Source Mobility: our revolutionary commitment to modularity, open innovation and customisation. Open Source Mobility, along with our online community, IngenuityWorking.com, provides a whole new approach to product development. We’re bringing together customers, developers and partners to collaborate and ensure that we are better positioned to address the real demands of your business.

Together we’re pioneering new products, applications and accessories that make the most of the revolutionary Omnii™ platform.

Omnii™ XT10 is designed specifically for the ultra-rugged demands of the supply chain & logistics environments.

In other words, it is built to drive real-world performance. Tough, intelligent and easy to use, it’s tested and developed to be exactly what you need it to be.

Omnii™ is the future of industrial mobile computing. It’s always fit for purpose. Wherever your tasks take you, Omnii™ can be configured to the right level of ruggedness, useability and price. That’s adaptive ingenuity at work.

Psion Omnii XT10 Specifications


• Customer IT or VAR serviceable

• Modular architecture features swappable:

• Keyboard

• 1D, 2D & AutoRange Scanners

• Color camera

• Pistol grip

• GPS expansion module

• Push-to-Talk speaker


• Texas Instruments® OMAP3® Processor 600 MHz with super scalar architecture

• 256 MB RAM

• 512 MB Flash ROM

Operating System

• Windows® CE 6.0

Bundled Applications

• Internet Explorer® 6.0

• Windows Mobile Device Center

• Wordpad, ActiveSync

Device Management & Utilities

• PsionVU

• Mobile Control Center (MCC)

• Total Recall / TweakIt / Dr. Debug

Supported Applications

• Open TekTerm

• Stay-Linked Terminal Emulation

• Naurtech Browser

• Naurtech Terminal Emulation

• NetMotion Mobility XE VPN

Wireless Connectivity

• Integrated Bluetooth® V2.0 + EDR

• Integrated 802.11b/g WiFi

• Bluetooth® coexistence

• FIPS 140-2 support

• CCX v4

• Optional SIRF III GPS Receiver

Barcode Scanner Options

• SE1224HP 1D Std Range Laser

• SE1223LR 1D Long Range Laser

• SE1524ER Auto-Range Laser

• EV15 1D Std Range Imager

• 5080 2D Std Range Imager

• Multi-color LED indicators

Voice & Audio & Feedback

• Walkie-talkie style Push-to-Talk – VoIP over WiFi

• Integrated microphone & speaker

• High volume 95dBA beeper

• Optional Push-to-Talk speaker

• Vibration feedback


• 3.7” VGA (640 x 480) Transflective Color Display with 2 Touchscreen options:

• High Visibility option, offers superior visibility with 165 cd/m2 brightness.

• Extreme Duty option, designed for rugged environments with improved impact resistance (1.25 Joule impact), better abrasion resistance, superior low temperature operation (to -20°C / -4°F), with 160 cd/m2 brightness.


• Full Alpha Numeric

• Numeric

• Numeric Alpha Modified

• High reliability keypad ultra-white backlight

Expansion Ports

• Micro SD slot for FLASH expansion

• Multiple Internal Multi-Function Expansion Interfaces with:

• TTL serial

• USB host


Camera (Optional)

• Color, 3 Mega pixel, autofocus, 4X digital zoom, Dual LED flash, video capable

GPS (Optional)

• Features a high performance antenna

• SIRF III Receiver

Power Management

• 5000 mAh high capacity Lithium Ion smart battery

• Battery management software


• Operating temp: -20°C to +50°C (-4°F to +122°F)

• Storage temp: -40°C to +60°C (-40°F to +140°F)

• Humidity: 5% to 95% non-condensing

• Rain/Dust: IP65, IEC 60529

• Drop rating: 1.7m (5.6ft), 26 drops to polished concrete, multiple 6.5ft (2.0m) drops to polished concrete

• ESD: +/- 8kV contact, +/- 15kV air discharge

Ergonomics, Dimensions & Weight

• Length: 222mm (8.74in)

• Width:

• At display: 100mm (3.94in)

• At keypad: 75mm (2.95in)

• Depth:

• At display: 44mm (1.73in)

• At docking connector: 45mm (1.77in)

• At grip area: 31mm (1.22in)

• Weight:

• Basic unit with battery: 590g (1.30lb)

• With battery, high visibility display, camera, Push-to-Talk speaker, EV15 1D imager: 636g (1.40lb)

Charging Accessories

• Optional Desktop Docking Station configurations:

• USB host and USB device

• USB host, USB device, Ethernet and RS232

• Multiple Snap Modules connect onto OmniiTM’s base supporting:

• Active sync

• USB trickle charging

• Fast charging via AC wall outlet

• Fast charging via vehicle power outlet adapter

• Fast charging & RS232 connection and power for tethered scanner

• Vehicle Power Outlet Adapter

• 6-Slot Spare Battery Charger

Vehicle Cradle Accessories

• Base un-powered cradle (one hand latch & release)

• 12 – 24VDC powered cradle with Communication Module

• Multiple adapter cables available (Example: One DE9 RS232 Serial, Two USB 1.1 host)

• Pre-regulator module (for 24 to 72V forklift trucks)

• Cradle Shock and Vibration: IEC Classification 5M2.

• IP rating: IP65

Carrying Accessories

• Optional bolt-on Pistol Grip

• Forklift Holster

• Hand strap, wrist strap, hard and soft shell holsters, protective carrying cases

Regulatory Approvals

• Worldwide Safety, EMC, RF, Laser approvals

• CE Mark

• E Mark (vehicle cradles)

• RoHS compliant

• WEEE compliant

• REACH comp


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