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QBOID M2 PERCEPTOR Mobile Computer.

QBOID M2 PERCEPTOR Mobile Computer

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QBOID M2 PERCEPTOR Mobile Computer Features

Introducing the QBOID M2 Perceptor, the world’s first handheld 3D computer vision scanner providing instant dimension and shape estimates. Integrated advanced 3D color sensors and computer vision algorithms on an Android smartphone platform for cost effective automation of dimension and shape estimation tasks.


As easy to use as any barcode scanner, the M2 does all the hard work of digitally estimating dimensions and analyzing shape of your inventory items and shipments.

Barcode Scan

Press Yellow button either side of M2 to instantly with aid of built in light and laser pointer

3D Dim Scan

Place item in middle of real-time preview window. Press the DIM button for instant cube dimensions and shape analysis


Item Dim, Barcode, Shape, Raw and Background Subtracted Image are saved to local flash or sent in real-time via WiFi to networked server (JSON)



Our computer vision approach lends itself to more intelligent and complete perception of the dimensionality and shape of more types of items than is possible with traditional system.

Collecting high quality 3D and 2D data for each item as part of your workflow will build a data warehouse for future machine learning automation functions.

All packed into a handheld Android device that can run your other Android logistics applications!



Powerful computer vision platform dimensioning, all in a handheld mobile smartphone form factor, optionally connected by onboard WiFi to your enterprise IT systems.

3D Computer Vision

3D sensors provide native three dimensional structure of objects to computer vision algorithms resulting in intelligent perception not possible with conventional approaches.

Advanced Image Processing

Rich image information generated with each scan: (a) scene with bounding box projected on scanned item, (b) scanned item with background subtracted, and (c) entire scene.

Custom programmable metadata tags

Four buttons on the UI main page with any number of text states allow your operators to tag each item with your desired text. Customizable by you in the Settings menu.

Fast onboard processing –no cloud needed

All automated dimension analysis is generated in 1/10th of a second on the M2 by our highly optimized ARM algorithm methodology. No need for cloud processing.

Constant Self Calibration

M2 continually checks internal sensor temperature and applies constant calibration in real-time to provide consistent performance.



QBOID’s M2 combines a powerful computer vision hardware sensor platform and fast computer vision software stack to enable a friendly and intelligent User Interface where the software helps the operator quickly perform the job of dimension and shape estimation acquisition, as well as other directly related item metadata.

Real-time Assistant

Using real-time augmented reality streaming, the M2 pre-scans the scene, analyzes the workspace and overlays a yellow quality indicator on an item to be dimensioned, predicting the scan outcome BEFORE the scan is even performed

Fast Computer Vision Stack

When the operator is satisfied with the Real-time Assistant display, the operator selects the Scan function and the 3D data stream is filtered, analyzed and the dimension, shape and 3D color point cloud generated in about 100 milliseconds

Customization Ready

Units of dimension, rounding options, soft button text state options, barcode symbology, WiFi real time data syncing, power saving options and much more are able to be configured to meet specific needs

Android OS

Android 10 AOSP OS can run most Android smartphone native and web applications.

Easy data sync

Simple HTTP/HTTPS REST API immediately uploads JSON scan result in real-time over WiFi, and/or CSV files with all scan results are stored on the internal sdcard for batch transfer anytime over USB-C

Connect to peripherals

The M2 will support new and productive connected peripherals. For example, now a Bluetooth industrial scale can be paired with the M2 for convenient digital weight capture. This provides a simple and fast workflow for digitizing capture of dim+barcode(s)+weight+image


QBOID M2 PERCEPTOR Mobile Computer Specifications

Parameter Specification Comment
Max Object Size Longest dimension < 40″ Real-time Assistant will show if the entire object can be scanned
Min Object Size Smallest dimension > 0.5″ Some features > 0.25” can be scanned if the item is smaller and the M2 is closer to the item
Error to Ground Truth < 0.5″ for cuboidal
< 1.0″ for irregulars
Scan from top down for best results
Min distance M2 to item Keep M2 > 18” from all surfaces of item Better results occur with M2 closer rather than farther
Battery Life 8 hours Assuming Real-time assistant is in use 10% of the 8 hours
Battery Capacity 5000 mAh Battery is hot swappable
Ambient Operating Temperature 5-35C°


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