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We Offer Bundled Hardware and Software Solutions.

Client software supports the needs of administrators, developers and end users, from deploying and supporting hardware, to creating software, enabling integration, and delivering bundled hardware and software solutions. Our range of client software are from Intermec and Xmotion.

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  • Intermec iLaunch
    Intermec iLaunch »
    Intermec iLaunch is a configurable locked-down menu program that prevents end-users from accessing the start menu and other non-authorized applications. End-users log in and they are only able to access authorized programs.
  • Intermec iBrowse
    Intermec iBrowse »
    Locked-down Browser Intermec iBrowse is a locked-down web browser developed for Intermec Pocket PC, Windows Mobile® and Windows® CE devices. It restricts user access to other applications and web sites of the Pocket PC.
  • Intermec Funk Odyssey Client Server
    Intermec Funk Odyssey Client Server »
    Odyssey is a wireless LAN access control and security solution that not only provides strong security over the wireless link, but also can be easily and widely deployed and managed across an enterprise network.
  • Intermec dcBrowser Client Software
    Intermec dcBrowser Client Software »
    The Intermec dcBrowser Gateway is a software-based gateway for the Windows NT operating system. The dcBrowser (Data Collection Browser) Gateway enables you to use standard web development tools.
  • Intermec WWAN Toolkit
    Intermec WWAN Toolkit »
    The Intermec WWAN Toolkit is a software product developed by Intermec specifically for developers and integrators of Intermec handheld products utilizing Wide Area Wireless (WWAN) radios. It improves enterprise applications quality.
  • Xmotion FlexiForms
    Xmotion FlexiForms »
    Introducing Xmotion FlexiForms – a complete solution for managing your field data operations which you tailor to your needs. FlexiForm allows organisations to replace their existing paper-based data capture processes with this system.

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