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SOTI MobiControl

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SOTI MobiControl Features

Overview of SOTI MobiControl

MobiControl Core Features

MobiControl is a next generation Mobile Device Management, Security and Support solution that is built using our world class Award Winning Technology.

Whether you are using consumer based devices for push email or ruggedized devices in the field, MobiControl is the solution of choice for rapid and reliable performance over any network for any size of deployment.

SOTI MobiControl Specifications

MobiControl Completes the Mobility Puzzle

• Help Desk Tools – Full remote control over any network connection; manage and view services, tasks, file system and registry of any device.

• Diagnostics – Diagnostic and Imaging Tools create base line diagnostics of devices in the field and automatically identify potential problem areas.

• Advanced Security Tools – Diagnostic and Imaging Tools create base line diagnostics of devices in the field and automatically identify potential problem areas.

• Data Sync – Perform scheduled or ad-hoc file/data synchronization.

• CRM – Track device repair history; identify problem/defective units before warranty expires.

• Device Provisioning – Use group policies to automatically deploy software and data in real-time over any network connection.

• Reporting – Use standard or custom reports to monitor your mobile operations.

• Asset Management – Track hardware and software assets; automatic device grouping (e.g. devices in a deployment can determine which location they are in and automatically reconfigure accordingly).

Manage Mobile Deployments

Over Any Network

• WiFi or other wireless network

• Low & High bandwidth Cellular Network GPRS, CDMA, Edge, etc.

• External network outside corporate firewall

MobiControl – The Right Choice!

• Comprehensive all-in-one solution

• Award Winning Technology

• Advanced Security Features

• Extensible Architecture (Ten to tens of thousands of devices)

• Most competitively priced solution on the market

• Lower costs and complexity than competing solutions

Reduced Cost & Immediate ROI

MobiControl is built on award-winning technology and is the most cost effective solution on the market for Mobile Device Management, Security and Support.

Increased Productivity

Minimized downtime, shortened training curves, increased user adoption, reduced support and labor costs and simplified device management.

Reduced Security Risk

AES-256 full device storage encryption using FIPS 140-2 certified algorithms to protect your sensitive data, Active Directory based user authentication, Application Run Control, Device Lockdown (Kiosk Mode), Hardware Feature Control & much more. Advanced security polices provide administrators with granular control over how mobile devices are

used and how data is accessed.

Built on Open Standards

Built using open industry standards with no need for proprietary hardware or software.

Protect Your Investment

MobiControl supports all Windows based mobile and desktop computing devices that operate over any wired or wireless network (e.g. WIFI, GPRS, CDMA, Edge).

System Requirements

Manage any mobile device or computer running any Microsoft mobile or desktop Operating System.

Compatible with all devices/computers running Microsoft Windows CE, Pocket PC, Windows Mobile, Smartphone, Windows XP, or Windows 2000 Operating Systems.


Getting Started

User’s Guides and Manuals