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StayLinked SmartTE

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StayLinked SmartTE Features


Terminal emulation remains the most implemented application deployed on ruggedized mobile devices because it is incredibly reliable and incredibly fast. In fact, It is estimated that 70% of ruggedized mobile devices run a terminal emulation solution. But for today’s smartphone operating system, touchscreen devices the market is demanding a graphically rich and familiar user experience

No Changes to your existing application

Screens are dynamically transformed. Administrators can then fine-tune the screens as necessary.

No programming required

Administrators can edit dynamically generated screens through the Integrated screen designer.

Rich, graphical screens

End users see a familiar user interface supporting such actions as swipe, pinch, buttons, fields and more.

Auto-device detection

upon installation, the SmartTE client will adapt itself to the specific device’s unique capabilities.

Ultra fast performance

SmartTE delivers StayLinked’s industrybest application speed.

Rapid Implementation

Dynamically generate screens, test, and implement in a matter of weeks.

Full support of IBM and VT applications

3270, 5250, VT100, VT220

Support for Android, iOS, and Windows

SmartTE supports multiple smart operating systems from a vast array of device manufacturers.

No Dropped Connections

SmartTE’s unique architecture ensures telnet sessions are never dropped, even when devices are rebooted, its battery dies, or the user roams between WIFI and cellular networks.

Strongest Security in the market

StayLinked delivers the most secure Terminal Emulation solution available with SSHv2, Blowfish encryption, firewall-friendly design, application lock-down, and port filtering.

StayLinked SmartTE Specifications


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