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topSPEECH SAP Connector.

topSPEECH SAP Connector

This product has been retired. Please contact sales to discuss replacement products.
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topSPEECH SAP Connector Features


  • Direct connection to SAP over integrated ITS
  • From SAP kernel 7.0 (i.e.B. SAP ECC 6.0) or from SAP Kernel 6.20
  • For integrated and stand-alone ITS
  • Application logic lies in SAP


  • 100% online connection if radio communication is redundant and stable and the connection to the superordinated system is failure-resistant
  • Development only on server side (SAP / ABAP)
  • Dialogue changes may be done by the customer
  • Quick initial training with SAP Voice Properties

topSPEECH SAP Connector Specifications


Getting Started