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Wavelink Studio

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Wavelink Studio Features

Wireless application development with speed and simplicity

Designed for mission critical applications, Wavelink Studio® enables JAVA and COM developers to create and deploy powerful server-side enterprise wireless applications for wireless data collection, barcode scanning and RFID devices. Wavelink Studio applications run on mobile devices from all the major device manufacturers.

Studio is specifically designed to support applications that require real-time data for retail store operations, warehouse management, inventory control, factory automation, transportation and logistics.

Wavelink Studio has four components:

Wavelink Development Library

An integration of the JAVA and COM Library of wireless networks and devices. Uses object-oriented languages such as JAVA, Visual Basic and Visual C++.

Wavelink Server

Executes application software on the host platform.

Wavelink Program Manager

Manages and deploys application software and access privileges.

Wavelink Client

Fully utilizes unique hand-held technologies in front-end application functions. The virtual client simulates wireless devices without the presence of an actual wireless network.

Wavelink Studio Specifications

Wireless application development with speed and simplicity

Studio consists of libraries that support JAVA development and COM-based languages, such as Visual Basic®, Visual C®, Visual FoxPro®, Delphi™ and PowerBuilder®. The Development Library consists of nearly 400 methods and objects that you can use to create applications that serve every mobile requirement and controls the functions of the handheld device. Utilizing the methods and objects provided, there is no need to learn another programming language or the development environment specific to any wireless device or network. Studio allows you to extend your existing skills and code sets for the rapid development of wireless applications easily.

The freedom to become hardware and software independent

Studio provides the freedom to create wireless applications for most mobile devices – from traditional industrial-grade devices and scanners, to the next generation of PDAs – spanning operating platforms from DOS to Pocket PC, Windows Mobile® and Windows CE™. With this freedom, you are free to migrate from legacy to newer devices.

Support robust workflow driven enterprise-class applications

Create applications that meet the workflow driven requirements of today’s enterprise environments. With its unique event-driven architecture, Studio lets you develop intuitive applications that easily “walk” mobile workers through required workflow steps. Business processes improve while individual mobile worker productivity is increased.

Run applications directly from host server to mobile devices

With advanced thin client-server architecture, Studio runs applications directly from the host server to the mobile device. With Studio, revise your wireless applications on the server-side and eliminate the need to update each individual device on the network. Studio enables administrators or developers to create mobile applications for multiple device types, eliminating the need to create separate applications.

Client-server architecture

Studio uses advanced thin client-server architecture to run applications directly from the host server to the mobile device. With Studio, you can revise the wireless applications server-side and eliminate the need to update each individual device on the network. This server-side approach is optimal for creating applications for dozens, and potentially thousands, of mobile users all over the globe.

Real-time, host-driven applications

Administrators can develop applications right from the host system server. This supports immediate revisions from a single location.

Development library

Allows developers to use JAVA, Visual Basic, Visual C++, Visual FoxPro and other languages to create custom wireless applications natively.

Leverage existing code sets

Studio consists of libraries that support JAVA development and COM-based languages such as Visual Basic, Visual C, Visual FoxPro, Delphi and PowerBuilder.

Single user to application

Simplifies programming and improves individual relationship run-time performance. Administrators can design applications with only a single user in mind, rather than multiple users competing for common resources.

Virtual client

Applications can be tested or demonstrated directly from a computer desktop without the need for an actual wireless terminal.


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