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Wavelink Terminal Emulation.

Wavelink Terminal Emulation

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Wavelink Terminal Emulation Features

Industry standard terminal emulation

Wavelink Terminal Emulation (TE), the industry leading emulation client and is in use on more than 3 million mobile devices worldwide, including many of the largest retailers in the world. Wavelink TE is the most comprehensive solution for accessing, managing and maintaining connections to applications resident on host systems using popular emulation types that include 5250, 3270, VT and HP emulation. Where other terminal emulators only support some of today’s input types, only Wavelink TE supports virtually all data types. Wavelink TE’s tight integration with mobile computers provides the ability to accept data from the keyboard, barcode scanner, voice inputs, RFID reader, and magnetic stripe reader or touch screen.

Wavelink Terminal Emulation software features the broadest range of supported devices across all major AIDC mobile device vendors and OS platforms. As an agnostic solution, Wavelink TE supports DOS and Windows® based devices and preserves existing infrastructure investment, while providing an easy migration path to newer devices and technologies.

Wavelink TE helps your system and people work smarter by providing intelligent data collection and communications functions. Prevent errors and inefficiencies caused by incorrect data entry or scans, take advantage of easy on-screen navigation, and maximize the uptime of your workforce by avoiding dropped connections. directed messages and error notices.

Wavelink Terminal Emulation Specifications


Wavelink TE offers one of the most secure, configurable and flexible terminal emulation clients available. Up-to-date with the latest security standards, we help keep data safe as it travels over the wireless LAN (WLAN). Industry standard communications, including 802.11a/b/g, provide simplicity and speed in virtually any WLAN environment. With a robust WLAN connectivity that enables users to roam in and out of wireless coverage, you can reboot devices and change batteries without losing the application state.

Voice solution

Easily add voice with a drag and drop voice designer to terminal emulation with Wavelink Speakeasy Voice-enabled emulation without creating new server-side applications, specialized voice-specific mobile devices or additional servers. Wavelink Speakeasy provides a low cost, high quality integration of voice driven, hands-free data collection features into existing host connectivity applications.

Tools for IT support

Wavelink TE provides a wealth of tools to simplify IT support. IT personnel can take control of a Telnet session while device session logs provide insight into the performance history for that specific device, including scanning levels and battery issues. This combination of capabilities allows IT to quickly and easily troubleshoot and resolve device issues, ensuring users return to work promptly.

Session Persistence

You can avoid dropped connections with Wavelink ConnectPro as part of your emulation solution, without adding a single point of failure. Allow devices to freely roam in and out of RF coverage, survive a device reboot or battery change while maintaining the application state and seamlessly reconnect to the host application.

WWAN support

Users can set Host Profiles in Wavelink TE to automatically connect to a given WWAN when a terminal emulation session begins, thereby allowing users to use cellular networks, such as GPRS, when the wireless WAN is not available. Administrators can set this option to automatically disconnect from a WWAN when all sessions using it are disconnected.

Advanced scripting

The Wavelink TE Script Editor allows administrators to easily navigate their scripts with an improved user interface in the Script Text-Editor, which includes a menu bar, a tool bar and a status bar with line numbers. With the Script Editor, administrators can quickly and easily identify potential errors in scripts and jump to the location of an error with the new Script Editor Debugger for TelnetWin.

Simplify applications and reduce errors by creating and executing scripts within host application sessions by automating common user functions. Scripts are easily created and executed to solve real world problems.

Screen Reformatter

With an easy to use WYSIWYG screen editor, administrators are able to capture emulation screens and reformat the screens to optimize the end-user experience for their particular mobile device and work environment. This leads to an improved user experience and better productivity to help meet today’s business needs. Within Wavelink TE administrators can deploy the new screens seamlessly to the desired mobile devices, using Wavelink Avalanche or ActiveSync.

Easy-to-use navigation

Make your mobile workers more productive with smart user-interface features such as touch screen hotspots, display lockdown, key mapping, keyboard macros, configurable battery level and signal strength indicators.

Wireless updates of emulation client and settings

Drastically reduce support costs by updating emulation parameters and load/update the emulation client wirelessly from a central console.

Minimize support and administration costs with integrated management

Relieve the burden of supporting your software and mobile devices. Wavelink TE comes tightly integrated to be remotely configured, secured, managed and updated from a central management console. Using Wavelink Avalanche with Wavelink TE allows you to seamlessly revise device configurations, synchronize software and update firmware and drivers. To monitor and manage your install base of mobile devices and applications, Wavelink Avalanche also provides real-time visibility into their status. You can also keep track of all managed assets and export asset data to reporting applications.

Connectivity to host systems without modification of existing applications

Set up emulation parameters, keyboard mapping and host connection profiles remotely through an integrated central management console with Avalanche device management solutions.


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