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Wavelink Velocity

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Wavelink Velocity Features

What if you could empower your workforce to get more done during a shift? Arming them with the latest mobile devices is certainly the right step. However, you must ensure that the mobile applications are equally up to the task. Wavelink® Velocity is designed to take full advantage of the touchscreen interface and features found in today’s mobile devices, placing familiar touch-based navigation and control at workers’ fingertips.

Take Advantage of a Modern Interface
Your workers carry mobile devices with bright, beautiful touchscreens. Velocity fully leverages those displays by taking the text-based information from your host system and converting it automatically into an intuitive mobile experience that is easy to navigate and use.

Increase Accuracy and Speed
The multi-touch experience of today’s personal devices is familiar to your workforce. Bringing that user experience to their mission-critical apps makes it easy for them to navigate task screens and enter data more quickly and accurately.

Maintain Your Host System
Implementing Velocity retains your investment in your existing host system. The solution can interface with your warehouse management (WMS) or other supply chain management system, just like Wavelink Terminal Emulation and Industrial Browsers have always done. There’s no need to modify or migrate your
host system.

Modernize the Host Application Automatically
Velocity handles the conversion of your host application’s text interface accordingly so you can devote software development resources to other projects. Your workers experience a mobile application that is contemporary and familiar, while your business avoids the cost of developing a new mobile application.

Customize Keyboards
Many of today’s touchscreen devices have few, if any, physical keys for data entry. Velocity enables you to create customized on-screen keypads so you can present workers with the data-entry keys appropriate for each stage in their workflow.

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