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Xmotion FlexiForms.

Xmotion FlexiForms

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Xmotion FlexiForms Features

  • Transform paper forms and electronically capture data
  • Add Photos for verification of data
  • Combine with GPS to locate staff, clients and assets
  • Capture signatures for proof of completion
  • Build your own forms and assign to staff
  • Assign action items and follow ups to forms
  • Recieve completed forms & tasks in realtime
  • Invoice Service Jobs immediately, generate quotes

Introducing Xmotion® FlexiForms – a complete solution for managing your field data operations which you tailor to your needs. FlexiForm allows organisations to replace their existing paper-based data capture processes with this feature-rich mobility system. System administrators can fully customise electronic forms to reflect the exact type of information which usually collected via paperwork, providing the flexibility to manage all operational activities within your business. This may include checklists, surveys or questionnaires.

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