AirWave VisualRF Location and Mapping gives you an accurate view of your entire network without ever leaving your desk. It automatically generates a map of your RF environment and the underlying wired topology, showing you what your network looks like — in real time. VisualRF builds this map using RF measurements gathered from your active wireless access points and controllers, without requiring you to buy a costly, separate location appliance. You can see exactly who is on your network, where they are, and how the network is performing. Armed with the RF coverage and location data provided by VisualRF, you can solve problems faster, improve service quality for users and make better decisions about your network.

How Is VisualRF Used?

Whether you’re planning a new wireless network or trying to isolate a user’s problem on the network, a picture is worth a thousand words. After all, your network’s performance depends not only on how your infrastructure is performing, but also on where users are and how well the AP’s signals reach them.

VisualRF calculates signal coverage and the location of every wireless device in range of the WLAN. It uses a combination of dynamic RF sampling and a predictive model based on site and infrastructure characteristics for areas where RF sampling isn’t available. The VisualRF module exposes this information via an interactive web interface, displaying fully integrated maps and location information to staff across the IT organization. An open API provides for a cost-effective way to utilize location data to a variety of location-based business applications.

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