AP 650


Fast and Easy Deployment

The AP 650 derives its intelligence from an RFS switch/controller, so installation is plug-and play-for optimal service in new wireless WLANs.

Automatic Channel and Power Optimization

Common problems such as building attenuation, electronic interference or sub-optimal access point placement are minimalized as the SMART RF feature of the switch/controller automatically optimizes power and channel selection so each user gets always-on high-quality access and mobility

On-the-fly Remote Helpdesk

The AP 650’s multipurpose architecture allows IT to extend immediate helpdesk support — as if the technician was sitting directly under the access point. Motorola helpdesk solutions supported by the AP 650 includes:

AirDefense Advanced Troubleshooting allows any helpdesk technician to immediately emulate and test a user’s connectivity over-the-air from device all the way to the back-end application and isolate the obstruction, even if it is not caused by the WLAN.

Spectrum Analysis allows the helpdesk technician to analyze the local spectrum for interference.

AirDefense Vulnerability Analysis allows the helpdesk to remotely scan for security breaches on the wired or wireless network on a scheduled or periodic basis to assure network security and regulatory compliance.

Download the specification sheet.


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