Chapter 1: About The Validated Reference Design Series

The Aruba Validated Reference Designs (VRDs) and application notes are a collection of technology deployment guides that include descriptions of Aruba technology, recommendations for product selections, network design decisions, configuration procedures, and best practices for deployment. Together these guides comprise a reference model for understanding Aruba technology and network designs for common customer deployment scenarios.

Each Aruba VRD and application note contains designs that are constructed in a lab environment and thoroughly tested by Aruba engineers. Our partners and customers use these proven designs to rapidly deploy Aruba solutions in production with the assurance that they will perform and scale as expected. The structure of the guides is defined in the following manner:

  • Fundamentals: Essential technology guides that cover a broad range of Aruba products including mobility controllers, access points, site surveys, etc.
  • Campus: This section covers designs for large campuses including enterprise and education. Typically these are carpeted space deployments with hundreds of devices spread over several buildings.
  • Distributed Enterprise: These deployments include schools, retail chains, branch offices, and remote workers.
  • Outdoor: These networks include metro-mesh, video surveillance, rail yards, point-to-point mesh links, and shipping facilities.
  • Network Services: Documents the operation of Aruba products including ClearPass, AirWave, and Aruba Activate.

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