Bar Codes, Ring Scanners and Scanner Engines

Bluetooth enabled mobile devices can pair with more than one Bluetooth bar code reader at a time. The Bluetooth enabled mobile device can only manipulate the data received from one bar code reading device at a time.

See section titled Identify Your Ring Bar Code Decoder Type before scanning any bar code in this programming guide.

Note: The function to use the imager for OCR decoding is not supported in this release.

When using the ring device to scan the bar codes in this guide, the user can change scanning parameters for the Bluetooth Module such as:

  • Enable/ disable suspend timeout length
  • Set the Beeper volume (Bluetooth module only)
  • Assign a Friendly Name
  • and Restore the Bluetooth Module to factory default settings.

And, for the tethered ring decoder parameters:

  • Enable/ disable a specific bar code type (UPC/ EAN, Code 90, PDF417, and many others)
  • Scan beam timing – short, medium, long
  • Set bar code type parameters

Download User Guide

View the LXE 8650 Bluetooth Ring Scanner.

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