The Single Slot Dock paired with an Elf PDA or a Falcon X3 mobile computer builds a reading system for the collection, decoding and transmission of barcoded data.

The Single Slot Dock is both a USB and a serial communication adapter between the terminal and the host computer.

The Single Slot Dock also functions as a battery charger, both for the terminal and the spare battery pack. The spare battery can be charged by inserting it into the slot at the back of the cradle.

Power supply is required for the Elf or the Falcon X3 to be connected to the cradle and for battery recharging operations.

Falcon X3

Figure 1 –Single Slot Dock General View

A) Contacts for Elf/Falcon X3
B) Power on LED
C) Battery charge status LED
D) RS232 connector
E) USB connector
F) Power supply connector
G) Spare battery slot

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