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Use this Advanced Data Formatting Guide to perform advanced configuration to your scanner using programming barcodes.


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Advanced Data Formatting

Advanced Data Formatting (ADF) is a means of customizing data before transmission to your host device. Scan data can be edited to suit your particular requirements.

Note: If you are using the Wand interface with your scanner, you will not be able to use ADF rules to format your data

Rules: Criteria Linked to Actions

In ADF, data is customized through rules. These rules perform detailed actions when the data meets certain criteria. One rule may consist of single or multiple criteria applied to single or multiple actions. For instance, a data formatting rule could be the following:

Criteria When scan data is Code 39, length 12, and data at the start position is the string “129”
Actions Pad all sends with zeros to length 8, send all data up to X, send a space

If a Code 39 barcode of 1299X1559828 is scanned, the following is transmitted: 00001299. If a Code 39 barcode of 1299X15598 is scanned, this rule is ignored because the length criteria has not been met.

The rule specifies the editing conditions and requirements before data transmission occurs.

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