Description of the EasyCoder PC41


The Intermec EasyCoder PC41 is a thermal transfer/direct thermal printer with a printhead density of 203.2 dots per inch (8 dots per mm).

The printer comes fitted with both parallel Centronics and serial RS-232 interface ports.

As an option, the EasyCoder PC41 can be fitted with a paper cutter that cuts continuous strip or liner between labels.

The EasyCoder PC41 printer is delivered with the Intermec InterDriver for Microsoft Windows 95/98/Me, and Windows NT 4.0/W2000/XP. The InterDriver makes it possible to produce printouts from most standard programs run under the various versions of MS Windows.

Label design becomes an easy task with Intermec LabelShop, a series of “what-you-see-is-what-you-get” PC label-editing programs and compatible with the full range of Intermec EasyCoder printers. Intermec LabelShop START is included in the delivery.

EasyCoder PC41 can also be run using IPL (Intermec Printer Language) control commands described in the IPL Programmer’s Reference Manual. These control commands use short lines of ASCII characters to format the labels, enter text and bar codes and control the printing, making it possible to use a terminal or personal computer, that does not operate under MS Windows.

Download the user guide.


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