About the Printers

This chapter introduces the PR2 and PR3 printers and includes descriptions of printer features and basic tasks.

The PR2 and PR3 are small, durable mobile receipt printers that fit easily into your work environment. You can connect the printers to mobile computers, scanners, or desktop PCs. Both printers are available with an optional integrated PCI-compatible Magnetic Stripe Reader (MSR) to securely capture payments and immediately provide receipts.

Additional features include:

  • Print speeds of up to 3 ips (203 dpi)
  • Multiple, selectable printer languages including CSim, XSim, and ESC/P
  • Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or IrDA radio
  • Full-speed USB device port
  • A wide range of printer accessories

What’s New?

This version of the user manual supports the latest firmware release and describes new printer features:

  • How to connect the printer to a Wi-Fi network and configure wireless communications settings.
  • How to configure IrDA communications settings.
  • How to configure the printer from the printer web page.
  • Added the printer Bluetooth Passkey.
  • Added descriptions for new accessories.

Printer Features

Use this illustration to familiarize yourself with the PR2 and PR3 printers. Most of the illustrations in this manual show the PR3 printer, but the information is the same for the PR2 printer unless otherwise noted.

PR2 and PR3 Features

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