Overview of Metrologic Optimizer Software

The Optimizer software program is a rapid SW development tool designed and developed specifically for the Honeywell Optimus series of portable data terminals. The Optimizer program is a wellstructured application program that has user friendly menus and easily accessible options, all of which make Optimizer the perfect companion software to produce the most optimal results for both the user and any custom application. The Optimizer has a multitude of features that include:

  • Ease of Install
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • Intuitive menus*
  • Variety of comprehensive options

The Optimizer’s GUI enables the user to define the parameters by which the data collection operation shall function. The menus and options allow users to easily create data collection templates and download applications to the Optimus. The Optimizer gives users the ability to define their own data collection templates quickly and easily on a PC without writing any program code. In minutes a new application can be designed on-screen, downloaded to the terminal and begin being used.

The Optimizer program alone is a powerful SW tool for any program developer, but there are utilities that work in conjunction with Optimizer that make it even more robust. The capabilities of the extra utilities include the ability to setup real time lookups, access point echoing, and more. The tools are included on the CDROM with the Optimizer program and are installed under the c:\\Program Files\Optimizer directory when the Optimizer installation is completed.


OP_Load.exe – Enables the customer to send the user created program to the Optimus

ProgLoad.exe – Allows the updated runtimes to be loaded.

Data_Read.exe – Used to name the data file and then receive data from the Optimus to the PC.

DLookup.exe – Allows the user to load a lookup file to the Optimus

TCPServer.exe – Used to capture sample data from an access point during an echo.

DataOptimizer – Used to interface with an existing database for real time lookups and data updates

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