Multiple users per tablet? No problem.

With multi-user log-on, workers can use any tablet, yet only gain access to the applications and features required to do their job.

Motorola ET1

Looking for a tablet that takes retail to a new level?

Get real.

Real enterprise functionality.

Introducing the Motorola ET1 — the only retail tablet that’s flat-out enterprise.

Many tablets offer the horsepower and real estate to run information-rich mobile applications. Only the ET1 provides the unique combination of hardware and operating system features that truly meet the needs of both the customer and the enterprise. The ET1 has what it takes to successfully and cost-effectively deploy tablets in your store. You get real enterprise durability. Real enterprise manageability. Real enterprise lifecycle. Real enterprise security built into the Android operating system. Real cross-platform application portability. Real Wi-Fi compatibility. A battery you can change for real full-shift power. And a form factor that our award-winning industrial design team made real easy-to-use — and a joy to hold.

So if you’re searching for the right tablet for your managers and retail associates, you’ve found it.

The Motorola ET1 — the enterprise-class tablet built for your business.

Manager dashboard: Everything your managers need to keep your store running smoothly is always at their fingertips.

Beauty, brains and brawn

While the ET1 offers the sleek styling of consumer tablets, it is all business — ready to enable next generation customer service, associate productivity and manager efficiency. Every aspect of the device, inside and out, has been designed to create a real enterpriseclass tablet. Outside, the ET1 has been engineered to handle all-day everyday business use, from the housing itself to the type of glass used in the display. And inside, we’ve added support for enterprise-class security features, remote management, enterprise peripherals, out-of-the-box scanning and more. The result is business-class form and function, delivering:

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