Set Up A New MX3X

Note: LXE recommends that installation or removal of accessories be performed on a clean, well-lit surface. When necessary, protect the work surface, the MX3X, and components from electrostatic discharge.

While the MX3X is in a Hazardous Location DO NOT:

  • Connect an external power source to the MX3X.
  • Connect a USB device or audio jack to the MX3X.
  • Remove or install a battery pack in the MX3X.
  • Connect a tethered scanner to the MX3X.
  • Place the MX3X in a powered dock or cradle

Hardware Setup

1. Connect accessories.
2. Connect cables.
3. Insert/connect a fully charged battery
4. Secure all cables to the MX3X with the Strain Relief Cable Clamps.
5. Press the Power key.

Contact your Honeywell representative for information on the latest upgrades for your MX3X.

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