Cleaning and Sanitizing Panasonic Toughbook Computers and Tablets

When working in various industries such as food processing, healthcare and chemical processing, it is critical that professionals keep their equipment clean and sanitized to reduce or eliminate the spread of bacteria and germs. The same rule also applies to a computer or tablet, as these devices are also in routine contact with users’ hands and can potentially become contaminated.

Panasonic has tested a number of common disinfectant solutions for usability on TOUGHBOOK® mobile computers and tablets, going above and beyond typical testing procedures to simulate worst-case scenarios. Panasonic is committed to providing the most durable, reliable mobile computing solutions and the most comprehensive product support.

Our goal is to ensure that any disinfectant solutions we have approved on our devices will not compromise the performance of Panasonic TOUGHBOOK computers and tablets.

Application and Test Procedures

To keep your TOUGHBOOK® computer or tablet running for as long as you do, Panasonic rigorously tested these devices to see how many times they could be disinfected. The test procedure was to wipe each area on the device with the liquid solution with a pressure of 1 kg/cm2 for 10,000 times.

Recommended “wipe” Forms of Disinfectants

Panasonic recommends disinfectant wipes to avoid prolonged exposure to chemicals that can cause oxidation and paint discoloration, and break down the rubber that seals the devices. If the wipe form of these disinfectants is used and the surface is dried soon after application, the computer will be protected for years to come.

Test Results

Test Results


Panasonic is committed to providing the most durable and reliable mobile computing solutions. Normal operation and sanitization with disinfectant wipes should keep the computer functioning hassle-free for years to come. Although these disinfectants are tested for our products, Panasonic does not endorse or advertise a particular brand of disinfectant and cannot warrant their effectiveness.

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