Getting Started

SOTI MobiControl

To get started with MobiControl, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the main MobiControl components (See below.) and then proceed to the “MobiControl Tutorial” topic on page 3. Once you have been through the tutorial, you should be ready to use MobiControl to manage your mobile field force.

MobiControl Components

The MobiControl Manager provides a centralized management console from which all aspects of the system can be monitored and controlled. The Manager can be installed on one or more desktop or notebook computers in your network. The manager communicates with the database and Deployment Servers. Please see the “MobiControl Manager Overview” topic on page 6.

The MobiControl Deployment Server communicates with mobile devices and executes the rules configured using MobiControl Manager. Deployment Servers also make real-time and historical information available to users through the tools provided in MobiControl Manager. Please see the “Deployment Server Overview” topic on page 382 for more information.

Soti MobiControl

The MobiControl Device Agent is the MobiControlsoftware which resides on mobile devices. Device Agents communicate with MobiControl Deployment Servers and are responsible for installing/uninstalling packages, as well as providing Deployment Servers with real-time information about the state of the device. Please see the “Device Agent” topic on page 276.

The MobiControl Database is used to store status and configuration information as well as the packages that are deployed to the devices. There are three versions of the MobiControlsetup program: one that includes the old Microsoft SQL Server Desktop Engine (MSDE), one that includes the new Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition, and one that does not include a database server. MSDE is a free lightweight version of the Microsoft SQL Server 2000 database. Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition is a free lightweight version of the Microsoft SQL Server 2005 database. Please see the “Database” topic on page 462.

The MobiControl Package Studio is used to create packages ofsoftware or data that are to be deployed. Package Studio combines the files to be deployed, as well as installation instructions, into a single compressed package file. Please see the “MobiControl Package Studio” topic on page 413. The MobiControl Web Console is a light support tool that can be accessed anywhere where Internet Explorer is installed. This feature uses HTTP to communicate back to your deployment server so you can view your devices in real time. Allowing you to remote control any online device, send a script, or even locate the device using our Location Services feature. Please see the Web Console page for more information.

MobiScan is used to create barcodes for devices to scan and have the MobiControl Device Agent installed automatically. Please see the MobiScan page for more information.

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