Fortifying Android for the enterprise: what’s missing?

The Android operating system (OS) provides a distinct business advantage — it frees application designers from operating system constraints. As a result, enterprises have a blank slate when it comes to application design. At last, businesses can focus first on creating the simplest and most intuitive applications possible — instead of working with a framework that dictates the placement of menus and more.

However, since Android devices were originally created for the consumer, they lack many of the key functionalities required for enterprise deployments. Following is a discussion of those functions, and how Motorola expanded the Android OS and added new device-level features to address each and every one.

Six new functions that take Android devices from consumer-focused to enterprise-ready

Through additions to both the Android OS itself as well as the device, Motorola has successfully created an Android device that’s flat-out enterprise. You get the best of all worlds — robust rule-free application development in a device that is secure, easy to manage, ready for enterprise tasks and built to last. The Motorola ET1 has what it takes to go the distance with your enterprise. The result? A total cost of ownership that makes an investment in this business-class Android tablet a smart choice.

The six functions are:

  • Multi-user functionality
  • Data and device security
  • Device expandability
  • Application development and management
  • Device management
  • Scanning support

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