Second-Generation 802.11n Access Points

High definition video promises life-like remote communications. Cloud computing promises agility and reduced costs. Tablets and smartphones promise new employee and customer engagement. Overall, technology tantalizes consumers and businesses alike with the promise of transformation. But the reality for an IT manager is more complicated. There is a high rate of change in the mobility and networking industry, making it difficult for yesterday’s networks to adapt. And as mobility becomes a user imperative, new use cases with conflicting security and technical requirements emerge.

To address these needs, Cisco has evolved the previous line of access points (the Cisco Aironet® 1040, 1140, 1260, and 3500 Series) by offering a new line of second-generation 802.11n access points — the Cisco® Aironet 3700, 3600, 2600, and 1600 Series — that can extend spectrum intelligence, antenna density, and client acceleration to new price points in the mainstream.

The second-generation Cisco Aironet access point portfolio is designed for a broad range of requirements for best-in-class, mission-critical, and enterprise-class service to provide industry-leading performance for secure and reliable wireless connections. Whether you require entry-level wireless connectivity for a small enterprise, missioncritical coverage at thousands of locations, or best-in-class performance with investment protection and future proof expansion for emerging technologies such as 802.11ac or advanced services such as a Wireless Security and Spectrum Intelligence module, you can rely on Cisco’s broad portfolio of access points to meet the needs of specific industries, business types, and topologies.

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