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Thor VM1

This Thor VM1 Reference Guide provides instruction for the system administrator to follow when configuring a Thor VM1. This reference guide has been developed for a Thor VM1 with a Microsoft Windows Embedded CD 6 operating systems.

End User License Agreement (EULA)

When a new Thor VM1 starts up a EULA is displayed on the touch screen. It remains on the screen until the Accept or Decline button is tapped with a stylus.

Tap the Accept button to accept the EULA terms and the Thor VM1 continues the startup process. The EULA is not presented to the user again.

Tap the Decline button to decline the EULA and the Thor VM1 will reboot. It will continue to reboot until the Accept button us tapped with the stylus.

Note: The EULA will be presented after any operating system upgrade or re-installation, including language-specific operating systems.

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