The Thor VM1 Vehicle Mount Computer (VMC) is a rugged, vehicle mounted computer running a Microsoft Windows Embedded Standard 2009 operating system and capable of wireless data communications from a fork-lift truck or any properly configured vehicle. Wireless communications are supported over a 802.11 WLAN network and, optionally, over a WWAN network. The optional Bluetooth module supports Bluetooth printers and scanners.

The Thor VM1 is designed for use with a vehicle Quick Mount Smart Dock. The dock installs in the vehicle and connects to vehicle power. The dock provides conditioned input power for the Thor VM1. Peripheral connections are on the dock. The Thor VM1 is designed to easily be removed from the dock with a latch on the lower rear of the Thor VM1 housing. Since the dock remains attached to the vehicle, the Thor VM1 computer can easily be moved from one vehicle equipped with a Quick Mount Smart Dock to another vehicle equipped with a Quick Mount Smart Dock.

The Thor VM1 contains a UPS battery which, when fully charged, can power the Thor VM1 for a minimum of 30 minutes. This can be when the Thor VM1 is not attached to a Quick Mount Smart Dock or when the Thor VM1 is attached to a dock but the vehicle power is interrupted, such as when the vehicle battery is being changed.

Contact your Honeywell representative for information on the latest upgrades for your Thor VM1.

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