Chapter 1 – Introduction

Wavelink Avalanche Mobility Center (Avalanche MC) is a remote client management system that is designed to distribute software and configuration updates to monitored devices, including Honeywell computers with Microsoft Windows CE or Windows Mobile. Additionally, the Avalanche MC Console may provide support for other devices on a network at the discretion of the system administrator.

Avalanche uses a multi-tier software architecture:

  • Avalanche Mobility Center Console (Avalanche Management Console in previous versions)
  • Avalanche Mobility Device Server (Avalanche Agent in previous versions)
  • Avalanche Enabler
  • Avalanche Remote Control (optional component)

Avalanche Mobility Center Console and the Avalanche Mobility Device Server run on a desktop PC.

Avalanche Enabler runs on the monitored devices.

This document contains a brief overview of Avalanche MC and how Honeywell computers can be managed by Avalanche MC. Honeywell provides additional functionality for mobile computers using Avalanche MC. This additional functionality is discussed in this reference guide.

This document also explains the functioning of the Wavelink Avalanche Enabler running on a mobile device.

This document assumes the user has a basic familiarity with the Wavelink Avalanche MC system and Microsoft Office Windows terms and graphical standards. For detailed and technical information for the Avalanche MC Console running on a desktop PC, refer to the Wavelink Avalanche Mobility Center User’s Guide. This document is available for download from the Wavelink website.

eXpress Config is a Honeywell value-add component for integration with the Avalanche MC Console. eXpress Config enables the system administrator to create software package files including software configuration parameters. These packages are compatible with the Avalanche MC Console and the Mobile Device Server downloads these packages to the mobile devices. Contact our support for eXpress Config availability.

eXpress Config also allows a user to print configuration bar codes for a mobile computer. The bar codes can be scanned by the eXpress Scan utility on the mobile device to provide initial configuration.

Download the reference guide or check out the Wavelink Avalanche.

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