Information Needed for Network Configuration

Before you start to configure your printer for use on a Local Area Network (LAN), you will need some basic information which will enable you to establish the network configuration for your printer.

Use Table 1 opposite as a guide to obtain information on important networking settings. If you don’t know this information, you should obtain it from the network administrator

Introduction to Label Vista

Label Vista™ is a program that allows users with little or no programming background to design labels which can be printed on the full range of Zebra’s mobile printers. It combines an intuitive graphically based user environment along with powerful, but easily mastered, editing tools.

In addition, Label Vista provides utilities making it easy to configure your printer for a variety of purposes, including setting them up for wireless communications either on a Local Area Network (LAN) or using the international Bluetooth™ communications standard.

Label Vista utilizes a subset of Zebra Technologies Corporation’s Portable Printer Control Language (CPCL). Label files created in Label Vista are fully compatible with other labels created using the complete set of CPCL commands.

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