Next-Generation Labeling Solutions Enhance Supply Chain Agility

What is the top supply chain challenge that SAP customers face in 2015? Executives are being challenged to more quickly deliver process improvements that produce strategic advan­tage. Speed and agility are now key requirements. The Internet of Things (IoT) is intensifying the pace of change and the need for agility

RFID Printers for Retail

Industry Need In today’s fast paced retail environment, to remain competitive and profitable it is important that retailers and brand owners have a high level of real time visibility of inventory throughout the supply chain and including the retail shelf itself. Accurately tracking products from the manufacturer and through the

Barcode Scanners – Keys to Improving the Customer Experience

Industry Need What can customers get in your stores that they can’t get online? Retailers who cannot easily answer this question risk losing business to e-commerce competitors – more than 3,100 U.S. retail stores closed in 2011 and more than 5,000 more are projected to close in 2012, according to

Motorola ET1 Enterprise Tablet in Field Service

Boost first time fix rates and customer satisfaction with real-time rich information access in the field The challenge: increasing service quality to improve customer satisfaction — and your profit margins A recent survey reveals startling results. An overwhelming majority — 76 percent — of enterprises of all sizes reported that

Unlocking Hidden Cost in the Distribution Centre

Executive Summary The “Unlocking Hidden Cost in the Distribution Centre” research examines current views on distribution centre trends and challenges from senior supply chain and distribution centre managers within the UK, France, Germany and Northern America.With many businesses still feeling the effects of the recession, facing increased competition and being

Wavelink Speakeasy in the Real World

THE CUSTOMER An existing Wavelink customer who has been using Wavelink Avalanche Mobility Center and Wavelink Terminal Emulation for several years recently wanted to further improve their warehouse productivity and efficiency. The existing environment consisted of one warehouse with three different sections that all shipped supplies, which are picked from various bins. Workers received

Inmarsat IsatPhone PRO

When it comes to what you really need in a satphone, IsatPhone PRO delivers. This phone is designed to work in just about any conditions and there are no worries about battery life, because it has the longest in the market. To find out more about how the IsatPhone PRO

RFID Goes Mobile

Only Intermec fully delivers on the promise of scalable RFID. Intermec offers the unmatched combination of a complete suite of RFID product and services, a decade of RFID experience and industry leading partners. Intermec’s fixed, handheld and vehicle-mount readers, printers, tags, labels and inlays are supported by RFID implementation services

Coastal Midwest Transport Improves Delivery Accuracy with Gamma Solutions and Interdev

In working with some of Australia’s leading mining, engineering and construction companies, Perth based Coastal Midwest Transport has established a reputation for providing a reliable, cost effective freight pickup and distribution service that ensures customer deliveries arrive on time and on budget. To reflect the expanding nature of their business

Intermec EX25 Scan Engine from Gamma Solutions

In the late 1600’s, medical researchers, Willis (British) and Descartes (French), independently published papers declaring different areas of the brain controlled specific bodily functions. Interestingly, Willis engaged one of his medical mates, Chris Wren, to draw the diagrams for his book. Wren gave up medicine and took up architecture and