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Is your Smart Phone Rugged Enough?

Millions of new smart phones continue to ship every month, and many of them find their way into businesses to help workers do their jobs in innovative new ways. Many of these same phones will be replaced within a year because they are not durable enough to work reliably in

In Transit Visibility: Its all about Mobility, Visibility and Control

The transportation and logistics industry has been among the hardest hit by recent challenges to the world economy, and the market is poised for increased complexity. Freight volumes are down while fuel costs rapidly rise. Changes in regulatory requirements and a short supply of qualified drivers have only intensified the

Using Bedside Labelling to Reduce Errors and Improve Efficiency

Positive patient identification rightfully receives a lot of emphasis as a key to protecting patient safety. Preventing procedural and medication errors depends on accurately identifying patients. But consider that for each individual patient, there may be dozens of different samples and test results the hospital has to manage. While the

How e-Citation Systems Increase Productivity & Revenues While Improving Officer Safety

Electronic citation (e-Citation) systems represent one of the most succcessful uses of mobile and wireless technology in public safety operations. Electronic citation systems have earned high user satisfaction ratings from state highway patrol agencies, police departments, parking authorities and campus security organizations across the country because of their well-proven ability

70 Series Ultra Rugged Mobile Computers and IEEE 802.11n

Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) Communications has grown from its initial cable cutting wireless specification in IEEE 802.11 in 1997 to a ubiquitous broadband wireless access technology with the release of current specifications in 802.11n – 2009. Enterprise operations have come to depend on WLAN for everyday business operations whether

A Guide to Smart Printing

Understanding the Capabilities, Use Cases and Advantages of Smart Printers Businesses are continually looking for ways to work smarter. Printing operations provide an excellent – and often overlooked – opportunity. One growing trend among companies with bar code printing operations is to leverage the capabilities of “smart” printers, which are

Time is Money – How to Save Both with Mobile Printing

Most of the obvious cost-cutting moves for manufacturing, warehouse and retail operations have already been made. Companies have to look harder to find ways to reduce operating costs without sacrificing performance or making major capital investments. Increasingly, they are finding an answer in mobile printing. Read More »

White Paper – RFID – Radio Frequency Identification

To provide a broad view of the current status of RFID technology. Gamma will be pleased to provide more specific information. There are many forms of ADC. Barcodes MICR. Magnetic Ink Character Recognition as on cheques Magnetic Stripe on credit cards Smart Cards: contain data and often this data is

White Paper – Lean Supply Chain – what does it mean?

Lean basically means lowest cost. We are seeing more articles on “Lean Manufacturing”, “Lean Supply Chain”, and “Lean Paper Flow”. It is the hottest topic in management and recent articles. Modern supply chains are a form of “lean thinking” i.e. they reduce overall costs by reducing the cost of warehousing.