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Datamax RL4 – The Power of Mobile Printing in the Warehouse

Datamax RL4

In today’s precarious economic environment, global enterprises are experiencing a dual pinch: one, difficult times have cut operating budgets significantly, and rehiring to support growth after the contraction remains difficult; secondly, as investments in new equipment and systems have been delayed or denied, the optimization of warehouse and supply chain processes has become a critical factor in balancing costs, labor, and assets. What’s more, this optimization must occur while maximizing productivity and improving responsiveness to customer demands.

With the growing emphasis on cost cutting, companies need to find new and better ways to enhance efficiencies and ensure accuracy across their supply chains and distribution networks. One strategy that is still effective in helping achieve this goal is the implementation of greater mobility into warehousing and distribution functions through devices such as mobile printers.

According to a recent study, mobile devices and software commonly improve workforce production by 20 percent or more. This translates into lower labor costs, lower operating costs, and faster payback on investment.1 Such gains are not hard to envision. By minimizing the time needed to print labels and apply them to materials, work in process, finished goods, pallets, boxes, and so forth, mobile printers help drive down labor costs while improving performance on the warehouse and DC floors.

Similarly, companies bound by centralized printing and labeling solutions risk diminished productivity and increase the likelihood of errors because workers have to leave their positions to travel to and from the centralized printing station to retrieve bar code labels. While the integration of these centralized stations with enterprise applications has proven effective in driving up efficiencies and driving down costs, they have in many cases reached their potential. To further streamline the operation of processes and extend the value of software and computer assets within the warehouse, mobile printing solutions can empower the worker, right where he or she is at that moment, whenever he or she demands this functionality.

Why Datamax-O'Neil?

The value of doing portable label printing in a warehouse or manufacturing environment is well established in markets where labor cost is high. Those who are doing mobile printing understand its benefits. For those who have come to this realization or have made a decision to move to portable printing, why does Datamax-O’Neil make sense as a supplier?

Two Compelling Reasons

Number one is ruggedness. In mature markets, which generally are markets with higher labor costs, many installations have already been done. When it comes to portable devices, whether it is a printer, hand-held terminal, smartphone, or laptop, those who have used these devices know the cost of supporting a non-ruggedized solution is significant. They know that the total cost of ownership does not pay off when you have to buy extended warranties or have a large hot swap pool to replace units that keep going down so operators can keep working, either on the manufacturing floor or in the field. Datamax-O’Neil mobile printing solutions eliminate these problems because they are ultra-rugged by design, providing a truly durable solution that doesn’t need frequent maintenance or replacing.

Number two is easy integration. Datamax-O’Neil printers are designed to reduce your fixed cost of installation, even when the printer comes with a full complement of accessories (e.g., fork-truck mounts, power supplies for in-vehicle applications, multiple battery chargers).

Accessories also include language emulators; Datamax-O’Neil has control language emulation that covers ZPL, CPTL, and IPL, as well as Datamax-O’Neil’s own DPL. No other mobile printer manufacturer has greater language emulation capability than Datamax-O’Neil. Many Datamax-O’Neil printers can automatically interrogate the data stream and apply one of many control languages that is native to the device. The rugged and portable Datamax RL4 ‘speaks’ six different control languages!

Easy integration also means integrating well with Warehouse Management Systems (WMS). SAP has a WMS module specifically designed to improve warehousing environments, as do Oracle, Manhattan Associates and many other WMS solution providers. These companies make software specifically designed to allow manufacturers to better organize the flow of products across their shop floors and through their warehouses. Datamax-O’Neil’s proven compatibility with these WMS is another important differentiator.

Datamax-O’Neil mobile printing solutions provide unsurpassed durability and ease of installation and ease of use to satisfy the needs of your extended enterprise. Specific solutions for your warehousing, distribution center, retail, or route accounting applications keep your business efficient and error free. We are reliable partners for customized solutions that ease integration and reduce risk.

Datamax-O’Neil has one of the industry’s best and broadest lines of mobile printers. Our mobile portfolio includes ultra-rugged receipt printers, forklift printers, thermal receipt printers, thermal label printers, and multi-part dot matrix printers. Our new RL4™ is the industry’s most rugged 4-inch label printer, and is ideal for wearing on a belt or mounting to a forklift. It delivers what you want: labels where you are, when you want them!

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