Our Services Include Wireless Site Surveys and Wireless Network Installation

Our experience in radio frequency data collection systems covers narrow band as well as spread spectrum (802.11a/b/g/n and 2.4Ghz) technologies.

Gamma Solutions can look after every aspect of your wireless network performance and administration, and can tailor support services to your business requirements.

By outsourcing your network management, you can reduce operating and training costs while concentrating on your core business.

Guaranteed Wireless Site Surveys

Our trained service engineers will survey your site to determine the number, location and type of wireless access points and other wireless network components required to provide optimal RF coverage in the areas that you specify as needing coverage.

If required, and as an additional service, we will also measure signal leakage – how far the signal propagates beyond the perimeter of the physical premises – to assess the risk for unauthorized access. In addition, we can coordinate with you the optimal network security policies and procedures, access point and client device configurations, as well as conduct searches for rogue access points. You will receive a written report of our findings and recommendations.

Wireless Network Installation

It is critical to the efficient performance of your RF network that the implementation is done correctly. You can rest assured that the implementation of your RF network will be expertly and accurately installed by the experts at Gamma Solutions. Our Implementation Services team can install the RF network system designed for you during your Gamma Solutions guaranteed Site Survey. This includes pre and post installation walkthroughs and acceptance testing. Gamma Solutions will be available for technical training of your support staff.

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