Vehicle Mount Computers

Tailored for warehouse management, vehicle mounted computers from Gamma Solutions are ideal for the mobile warehouse using material handling equipment and industrial vehicles such as forklifts. They are perfect for mounting in a cross docking application, shop floor workstations and other warehouse and in vehicle environments.

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  • Thor VM3
    Honeywell Thor VM3 »
    Designed for use in the toughest distribution center environments, manufacturing facilities and freight operations, the Thor VM3 is the industry’s most capable full-size vehicle-mounted mobile computer.
  • Honeywell Thor VM1
    Honeywell Thor CV31 »
    The Thor™ CV31 vehicle-mount terminal combines the latest high performance computing technology into a very compact form factor that minimizes driver line-of-sight obstruction.
  • Datalogic Rhino
    Datalogic Rhino »
    Tailored for warehouse management, the Datalogic Rhino™ increases productivity through reduced errors during receiving, put-away, picking and shipping activities.
  • Honeywell Thor VM1
    Honeywell Thor VM1 »
    The Honeywell Thor is intuitively designed to match the way you work, with features like the Quick Mount Smart Dock that allow one-handed docking and undocking, or the fieldreplaceable keyboard and touchscreen.
  • Honeywell Thor VM2
    Honeywell Thor VM2 »
    Solidifying Honeywell’s position as the leader in vehicle-mount computing, the Honeywell Thor VM2 builds on the best-in-class Thor VM1 that was created specifically to address the unique challenges of supply chain applications.
  • Honeywell Thor VX8
    Honeywell Thor VX8 »
    Today, the Honeywell Thor VX8 is a compact, rugged, and wirelessly-enabled mobile PC designed to be every bit as versatile as its namesake.
  • Honeywell Thor VX9
    Honeywell Thor VX9 »
    The Honeywell Thor VX9 Vehicle-Mount Computer is a rugged, wirelessly enabled Windows based mobile PC with a 12.1inch touch screen display, designed for vehicle mounted use in tough environments.
  • Intermec CV30
    Intermec CV30 »
    The Intermec CV30 rugged fixed-mount computer provides flexibility and high-performance capabilities in a compact design that delivers real-time wireless supply chain management right where the data is at the dock, or in the yard.
  • Intermec CV41
    Intermec CV41 »
    The Intermec CV41 vehicle-mount computer provides the ideal balance of operator usability, application performance, and ease of deployment and maintenance—all of which leads to improved forklift operator performance.
  • Intermec CV61
    Intermec CV61 »
    The Intermec CV61 combines a smart design that makes it easy to migrate from legacy VMUs, while providing the next generation technology to meet your business needs well into the future.
  • Motorola / Psion 8515
    Motorola / Psion 8515 »
    The Motorola 8515 works hard and keeps its head down. It never breaks the forklift operators’ line of sight. And it never compromises durability or performance.
  • Motorola / Psion 8525 G2
    Motorola / Psion 8525 G2 »
    The Motorola 8525 G2 vehicle-mounted computer is more than tough enough to withstand the violent shock and vibration that are daily fare in these extreme environments.
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